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The company that created MomentsCaptured and the aVinci Experience, Sequoia Media Group LC, was founded in 2003 as a response to the digital imaging revolution that left a large void in giving ordinary camera users the ability to easily create and share digital images of life experiences. Since sharing life's memories and experiences is one of our greatest joys, Sequoia aimed to develop an engaging way for anyone to tell their "Story" with personal digital expressions.

The aVinci Experience was created to spontaneously transform personal photos and video into compelling, professional-quality multimedia productions using the latest Hollywood effects and theme-based storyboards… in mere minutes.

aVinci distributes products through leading retailers, photo websites and image service providers who are able to offer their customers a complete, refined production — not a complicated software tool requiring time and training to execute. aVinci has secured relationships with leading kiosk platforms and website photo suppliers, representing nearly 50% of the consumer photo market.